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Penn State Space Grant: Educator Workshop

Amazing educator workshop program that I have done myself!  Great experience for any teacher!  A MUST DO opportunity.

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  1. Earth Science Week 2011 (October 9-15, 2011) Our Ever-Changing Earth


    Here is a schedule of events:

    Friday, Oct. 7, 2011 ­ ESW Introduction/Promo Video- This will give you
    information about the Earth Science Week Kit.

    Monday, Oct. 10 ­ ESW Introduction/Promo Video- This will give you
    information about the Earth Science Week Kit.

    Tuesday, Oct. 11 ­ Female Earth Scientists ‹ articles on the NASA education
    portal will be broadcast a part of the NASA Earth and Space Science
    Explorers series .

    During Earth Science Week, Wednesday, Oct. 12, is Female Geoscientist Day
    IGES is producing the following articles on NASA female Earth scientists
    that will be posted on the NASA education portal, the NASA 2011 NASA ESW
    site and working on also linking to these from Women@NASA.

    1) Cynthia Rosenzweig, GISS – Rosenzweig is a Senior ResearchScientist at
    the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies where she heads the Climate
    Impacts Group. She is a co-editor of the report ³Climate Change and Cities:
    First Assessment Report of the Urban Climate Change Research Network
    (ARC3).² A recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, she joins impact models
    with climate models to predict future outcomes of both land-based and urban
    systems under altered climate conditions.

    (2) Erika Podest, JPL – Originally from Panama, Podest is a scientist with
    the Water and Carbon Cycles Group in JPL´s Earth Science Division and
    Visiting Associate Researcher in the Joint Institute for Regional Earth
    System Science and Engineering (JIFRESSE) at UCLA. Her research focuses on
    using Earth observing satellites for characterizing and monitoring wetland
    ecosystems and seasonal freeze/thaw dynamics in the northern high latitudes
    as related to the global carbon and water cycles and climate change.

    (3) Erica Alston, LaRC – Alston grew up in North Carolina. She works with
    the Chemistry and Dynamics Branch of the Science Directorate at NASA¹s
    Langley Research Center. Her work focuses on national fisheries resources
    and atmospheric science, including air quality.

    (4) Claire Parkinson, GSFC – Claire Parkinson has been Project Scientist for
    the Aqua mission (formerly PM-1) since the spring of 1993. She’s a
    climatologist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, where she’s worked
    since July 1978, with a research emphasis on sea ice and its role in the
    global climate system.

    Wednesday, Oct. 12/1-2pm ET ­ Our Ever-Changing Earth: NASA¹s Power of
    Perspective – DLN Webcast with NASA’s Chief Scientist, Waleed Abdalati
    Earth Science and YOU!
    Join NASA Goddard Space Flight Center LIVE for an educational event as
    scientists share how NASA¹s space-based perspective provides a window on
    changes within the Earth system on a global scale. Middle and high school
    students are invited to view this webcast and learn how earth science is all

    Earth Science and YOU!
    Earth is a dynamic system that, like the human body, includes diverse parts
    interacting in complex ways. Join NASA specialists live on October 12th at
    1:00 PM Eastern for an hour-long educational event as NASA scientists share
    how NASA¹s space-based perspective provides a window on changes and
    interactions within the Earth system on a global scale! This special event
    will explore topics such as Earth¹s atmosphere, the Texas Drought and other
    recent weather phenomena, and climate change. The event will be webcasted
    and available for students and teachers on the DLiNfo Channel, and
    participants will be able to submit questions for the guests to answer
    during the program! For more information on this event, please visit the
    DLiNfo Channel at

    Thursday, Oct. 13 ­ To learn more about NPP and NPPy go to:

    Friday, Oct.14- Achieved Earth Science Week Events.

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