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Penn State Space Grant: Educator Workshop

Amazing educator workshop program that I have done myself!  Great experience for any teacher!  A MUST DO opportunity.

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  1. On the Calendar

    Sept. 15 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Properties of Living Things: Searching for Life on Mars

    Sept. 19 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Algebraic Equations: Calculator Controlled Robots

    Sept. 21 – NASA Now: Ballistics

    Sept. 22 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Distance/Rate/Time Problems: Smart Skies™

    Sept. 26 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Temperature and Earth Climate: Modeling Hot and Cold Planets

    Sept. 27
    • NES Video Chat from 2 − 3 p.m. EDT. Topic: ARGOS
    • Professional Development Web Seminar: Quadratic Functions: Exploring Space Through Math-Weightless Wonder

    Sept. 28
    • NASA Now: Plate Tectonics
    • Professional Development Web Seminar: Engineering Design Challenge: Thermal Protection

    Oct. 3 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Ultraviolet Radiation and Yeast: Radiation Biology

    Oct. 5
    • NASA Now: Journey to Mars
    • Professional Development Web Seminar: Properties of Living Things: Fingerprints of Life
    • Live Video Web Chat for Students: Mars Science Laboratory Launch: Curiosity Mars Rover

    Oct. 6 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Linear Regression: Exploring Space Through Math – Space Shuttle Ascent

    Oct. 11 – Professional Development Web Seminar: Derivatives: Math and Science@Work – Space Shuttle Auxiliary Power Units

    Oct. 12
    • NASA Now: Celebrating Earth Science Week: The Atmosphere
    • Professional Development Web Seminar: Electrolysis of Water: Math and Science@Work – A Breath of Fresh Air

    New on the Virtual Campus

    NASA Now programs give students in your classroom a front-row seat at NASA’s newest projects or activities and introduces them to some of NASA’s most fascinating people.

    NASA Now: Got Math? (available on the Virtual Campus beginning Sept. 7)
    Grades 4-6
    Subjects/Topics: Real World Applications of Mathematics
    Description: Jim Garvin, Ph.D, chief scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., explains how mathematics is a vital tool not only in everything happening at NASA but also in solving problems in everyday life.
    Watch a preview of this program on YouTube: NASA Now Minute

    NASA Now: Primitive Asteroids: OSIRIS-Rex (available on the Virtual Campus beginning Sept. 14)
    Grades 9-12
    Subjects/Topics: Objects in the solar system; Origin and evolution of the universe; Earth in the solar system; Earth’s history.
    Keywords: asteroid, boom, heterogeneous, meteorite, regolith
    Description: Dr. Joseph A. Nuth III, project scientist for the new Origins-Spectral Interpretation-Resource Identification-Security-Regolith Explorer mission, provides an in-depth look at why the OSIRIS-REx mission to a primitive asteroid is so important to understanding our past and how it could impact our future.
    Watch a preview of this program on YouTube: NASA Now Minute

    NES Provides Education Support for New Deep Space Exploration System
    This past week, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden publicly announced NASA is ready to move forward with the development of the Space Launch System – an advanced heavy-lift launch vehicle that will provide the capability for human exploration beyond Earth orbit. The NASA Explorer Schools project has taken advantage of this exciting announcement and put together a set of related lessons and classroom resources for a variety of grade levels that you can use in your classroom. The information is located on the NASA SPACE LAUNCH SYSTEM page of the NES Virtual Campus.

    Project Update

    Twitter Name Change
    If you follow the NES project on Twitter, you may need to update your Twitter program. NES has updated its Twitter site with a new name and URL that allows educators to find us more easily. The new URL is!/NASAExplorerSch. NES Tweets provide up-to-date information about the project and activities at NASA.

    Collaborate with Other NES Educators on Facebook
    LIKE a featured lesson from NES? Check out our new collaboration pages for each of the 30 lessons now available on the Virtual Campus! Open to any NES educator aged 19+. Go to to find your fav. LIKE one and you’ll be able to read and post comments, upload pics, see the latest news and professional development opportunities related to that lesson. Your profile information and posts to your own personal wall stay private, since you aren’t friending the page or any of its visitors, you’re just liking it!

    Earn Continuing Education Units for Participating in Live NES Professional Development Web Seminars
    NASA Explorer Schools, in cooperation with Oklahoma State University, offers registered NES educators Continuing Education Units for participating in live electronic professional development sessions. Those who fully participate in seven live NES professional development web seminars and complete evaluation surveys on the Virtual Campus for each seminar earn one CEU. Complete fourteen live web seminars and surveys and earn two CEUs.

    Live e-Professional Development web seminars must be completed between July 15, 2011 – June 30, 2012. CEU eligibility will be evaluated in December and June of each year with CEU certificates issued in January and July.

    Once you have participated in 7 or 14 NES seminars, be sure to complete and submit the application for CEUs.

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