Our Blogging Begins
An introduction
by Sra. Essig

The words we use are important. Imagine me telling our 5th grade class…”Today we are going to write a diary.” Some students (especially the girls) may have a pink or flowered diary with a pretty lock with special memories. But chances are most of the boys will be turned off as soon as they hear the word diary. But perhaps if I said, “Today we are going to write a journal” then the boys might remember brave explorers and think of them keeping a record of their discoveries and adventures. That sounds better – tougher, rugged, and even important.

But when I told our class that we were going to start blogging….now I really had their attention! I’m not sure they all knew quite what it meant, but they had heard it. This “cyberspace” term carries with it an air of mystery and sound so high tech. “Blog” is a shorthand term for “Web log” or an internet journal. Our class immediately set to work and took it more seriously than any writing assignment we’ve had to date!

Our Blogging process will include:

* Brainstorming
* Pair or individual writers
* Pair or self-editing
* Word Processing
* Publishing

I believe the benefits of Blogging include:

* Opportunities for reflection
* Sharing with families
* Writing for an authentic purpose
* Writing for a real-life audience
* Writing with a look toward “publishing” – i.e. – taking pride in our work and putting forth our best effort.

Our Blog page will be a constant work in progress. Blogs will contain only student initials and no personal information. Students will be given the option of using “avatars” or symbols to place with their writing as well.

I know this process and project will be beneficial for our students…We hope you find it informative and fun!

Check back often for updates!


Sra. Essig

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