Oct 5 / Kaehla Hershey

Hello from Charlie, Jaron, Katie, Jarred, and Jadin!

Hi! We all came to check out Miss Hershey’s blog. Jaron says, “I finally kicked two home-runs in a row!”
“I’m going to the mall today!” said Katie.
Jarred exclaimed, “I finally landed a trick on my skateboard!”
Lastly, Charlie wanted to add, “Make sure you’re safe everyday and don’t get hurt-because none of us want you to get hurt. GOODBYE!”

Sep 23 / Kaehla Hershey

Happy Autumn!

Good morning 3rd graders! I hope you are enjoying school this year so far. Today is the first day of Autumn, and I decided to test and see if any of you are able to log onto our Hershey Connection Blog- it will be apparent if you are able to because you will already be reading this!! Please leave me a short message below that I can read. Do you have any questions about our school year? What are you most excited about? Have any of your “wishes” already come true? Have a great day, and visit our Blog again soon!!

Love, Miss H.

Aug 24 / Kaehla Hershey

Welcome 3rd graders!

Thanks for visiting our NEW classroom Blog!  It is very exciting.  Please add your comments below, (appropriate for school, of course!) and stay posted for the latest and greatest news about our classroom.  I can’t wait to meet you!

Love, Miss Hershey

Check out our classroom and pictures from last year, below. 🙂