Characterization based on first half of the book

Read the first half of your book and write on your feelings about 2 complex characters.  This should be about 250 words, and should focus on 2 complex characters. Discuss the following:

• A detailed explanation of the internal struggles of the characters.
(Include at least one passage from the text here as support.)

• An evaluation of both characters’ actions.  Do you agree or disagree
with their actions.

• Predictions: What do you think will happen to these characters? Why do
you say that?
• Pose a question to your readers.

Begin your reply with the name of your novel.  Read my sample on The Great Gatsby in the handout.
Make sure this is absolutely your own work!!  I am looking for analysis & details that show you have read the book.

All Quiet on the Western Front JMG

I like the fact that this book is realistic compare to other books about ww1. When Paul Baumer tells his side of the story i feel like im there, the amount of emotion that he puts into the stoy is just incredible. The way he discribes the aftermath of battle makes me want to be there and help them. I cant really relate this book to any other, all the books that i have read all were in a american or britsh perspective. With the german perspective your idea on the war changes. Overall i am pretty confused about what happen with the rest of the group of  men. Erich Paul Remarque was born in Germany on 1898, he started writing at a very young age. When he was 18 he was enlisted in the Army. There he wounded in the left leg the right arm and a small part of his neck.

All Quiet on the Western Front CNZ

I am wondering when they will go back to the front line.  I feel that Paul Baumer is one of the few that still has a sense of civility since he would not let Muller take Kemmerich’s boots.  I like how the book is not like others it doesn’t start in the middle of the battle, but with the feelings and situation after a major loss of people from the last battle.  This book so far reminds me of A Farewell to Arms, because again there is a young main character that is struggling to deal with the  war and the losses from the war.  Both of the main characters seem to be overwhelmed with the war, so its full effects are not fulling  influencing them.  Erich Maria Remarque was born in Germany in 1898, he started writing at a young age.  At the age of 18 he enlisted in the army.  Toward the end of the war he was sent to an army hospital, he was wounded in left leg right arm and neck.

All Quiet on the Western Front CMK

I am currently confused with current situation they are in.  I understand that they are in the a war, but are they going to be under attack soon. I wonder this because a man is injured and missing his foot and they have lost half of their group.  I enjoy how the book lays out the problems and the daily life of the soldiers who are fighting there. “… which means I have forty all together. That’s enough for a day.” This is talking about how people begin to trade their supplies for cigarette and other good related items. The main character is Paul Baumer and he is a German soldier who is fighting in the front lines with many other young boys. The climate around the men is rather hostile and the boys are are called the “iron youth”. The main character feels like that this is a war for the older generation because they are the ones who caused it.  “We are none of us more than twenty years old.” He then explains how they were a youth a long time ago but are now old men fighting the world.  The author Erich Maria Remarque was conscripted into the army at the age of 18 and he was sent out to the western front.  He was a writer as a youth and then the Nazis in world war two traced him back to the french Jews.  He was persecuted but then continued to write and publish stories in both American and German.

Write a paragraph on your feelings about the book at this point. What do you like about it? What are you having difficulty understanding? Can you make connections to other literature or television shows with the same themes? Be specific. The purpose of this assignment is to clarify characters, plot, and setting for each other. After your first pararagph, briefly research the author of your book, and write a short summary telling what you think will be helpful to your understanding of the book. No sparknotes!

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