Teen Stress-Screen/Stress Survey

“Teen Stress-Screen” / stress survey that is specifically designed to identify, categorize and prioritize the many different stresses and conflicts that confront teenagers in today’s world. Create an informative blog posting of your results!

Respond to a MINIMUM of TWO classmates’ blog postings using the questions below to guide your comments!
1) Did the directions clearly explain the procedure for “taking” the stress screen?
Explain why or why not?

2) What score did you receive on the stress screen, and do you think it was an accurate representation of your current stress level?
Explain why or why not?

3) Do you think that the items included on this stress screen target a teenage audience?
Explain why or why not?

4) Were the “stress management tips and strategies” helpful and/or realistic?
Which suggestions could you see yourself most easily implementing into your own life?

5) Did this stress screen trigger / provide insight into your current “stress situation”?
Be sure to explain!

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