the three sisters

January 20th, 2010

Lucy and Rachel’s baby sister past away. three girls related to them came to the house to show respect her. but one of the girls had these weird hands and asked Esperanza to make a wish. She also told her she need to come back to Mango st when she leaves. She said she is Mango st.


January 11th, 2010

During my chapters it talks a lot about girls who are unhappy with life. On 79 and 80 it talks about a girl named Rafaela. Rafaela is not aloud out of the house because she is too beautiful and her husband thinks that she will run away. So every Tuesday her husband plays dominoes so he locks her in the house. So every Tuesday Esperanza and her friends bring Rafaela papaya or coconut juice. But even the sweetest drink is not good enough for her because she wants to be able to go out. 81-83 is all about a girl named Sally who is also unhappy with life just like Rafaela but for very different reason’s. She is also very beautiful her father thinks it’s dangerous to be as beautiful as she is. Her father’s religion is very strict they are not aloud to dance Sally is not aloud out and everyday at the end of the day she has to take off all her make up and pull her skirt down because her father would not approve of the way she dresses at school.


January 6th, 2010

i think that you did a good job telling us about the chapter.  i really liked how you told us the most importent details and most importent events.  i could really understand what happened in this chapters.


January 6th, 2010

i don’t think that Esperanza really tryes to make good friends and that is why she can’t keep them


pages 70-78

January 6th, 2010

Through these pages it talked about alot. during page 71 it talked about a guy named earl and how he lived in the basement of edna. it pretty much described him and him being there.during pages 72-73 it talked about how esperanza was getting attention from a by named sire who also had a girlfriend but he kinda treated her like crap. so throught these pages it basically talked about him and her and how she is not really used to attention from guys. During pages 74-75 esperanza was basically comparing herself to a tree because she sain she is like a tree very skinny. during pages 76-78 it talked about a large women named mamacita and she was kinda having problems she was very large, and she doesnt really know english, though these pages it talks about some of her struggles and how she is sometimes scared to come outside, and her son speaks english and she dont really understand him so she cries

January 4th, 2010

Esperanza just started her job at the Peter Pan Photo Shope. That day just does not seem like her day. There is an older guy that comes in and talks to her and it sounds like he is coming on to her. In the morning she finds out from her father that her grandfather is dead. Later she is out with her friends and they play a kind of guess who game. They all imitate someone they know and the rest have to guess who they are. Esperanza than thinks of her aunt who used to be a swimmer but is not anymore. She had an accident and her health keeps deteriorating. So when Esperanza and her friends play there little guess who game they dont know that they are imitating a dead woman. Later they all feel bad about it and are ashamed that they did that.


December 23rd, 2009

To me it sounds like they lived in a rundown home before they went to Mango Street. I would never want to live in a place were they had broken pipes and a landlord who was not willing to fix it. When they live on Mango Street they have weird people living there. That cat ladie sure souns like she could use some air. No one in there right mind would have that many cats. But they have some nice people living on the street to.

pg 31-42

December 22nd, 2009

In the story Esperanza , Rachel , and Lucy decide that they will start wearing heels so when they went out into  town asking if the town peoples if they like their shoes. While they were in town they ran into  this drunk bum and he ask Rachel for a kiss but Esperanza try to get them away from him so they ran off and they  took off the shoes and put them in the backyard then Rachel mom took the shoes out into the trash.

CJ Marion

Pages 23-30

December 21st, 2009

During these chapters we learn about a numder of people. They include Louie and his two cousins, Marin, and and a neighbor who has so many children that she has absoulutely no control over them. They are all quite a bunch with some unique personalities.

Some of these people have interesting characteristics. I am especially drawn to Louie’s one cousin who stole that fancy Cadillac, apparently he has taken to a life of crime. Also, Marin appears to have a lot of believes and she is really attracted to boys and appears desparate to marry one.


December 17th, 2009

I think in these three chapters it explains how Esperanza is explaining how her sisters do not look like her. In chapter two I think it is weird that an old man has a store and he does not use his lights expect when someone is going to buy something. It is weird that Esperanza’s family and her dog has a nickname and she does not. Overall, I think this story is pretty good so far.

-Jessica Quinn