Blog Assignment

At the top, click on Mrs. Kennedy’s Honors English Blog – Dashboard. On the left under Posts, click Add New. Put in a subject and paste your post into the text box (highly suggested that you compose on Word or Google Docs and then paste in).

Post twice during the run of the book. Your two posts should be at least 2 paragraphs each and be comprised of the following:

1. One of them should pull a 1-3 sentence quote from the book and reflect on the quote – how does that correspond to our world today?, do you agree / disagree?, what does the quote mean in the context of the book?, what commentary is Ray Bradbury making about society in general?…etc. This one will be graded based on how well the quote is explained within the context of the book, clear knowledge of the book, an extension to today’s culture or you personally, and mechanics.

2. One of your posts should discuss / reflect on our homework experiment. What sort of things have you been doing? What have been your most original / rewarding experiences with this? How have your parents reacted? Which is of more value – traditional homework OR times spent enhancing relationships, doing creative expression, or being outside? Aside from reflections on the assignment itself, compare this to either To Kill a Mockingbird or, more ideally, Fahrenheit 451. This one will be graded based on how well your opinion is explained, a clear tie in to literature, examples and details of the experience, and mechanics.

Finally, at some point before we finish the book, please place a valuable comment on at least four of your classmates’ posts (try to pick ones that have a fewer amount of comments). Place a comment by clicking on the speech bubble on the post that you want to comment on. Each comment should be at least three sentences and should add value to the original post. These will be graded as well.