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Principal rolls out cell phone trial

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CLASS PHOTOStudents could soon use cell phones during the school day without hiding them in a backpack. That is if Principal Deborah Mitchell gets her way.

Mitchell wants to make the cell phone policy make more sense. “The current policy is so tight that students can’t use cell phones for the purpose that they have them,” she said. “I’m assuming parents have provided cell phones to keep in touch with them. My daughter has a cell phone so I can keep in touch with her… that’s why I pay the monthly bill.”

The test of the new policy is intended to let students send and receive messages from their parents and friends. Students could call parents to say that they are staying after school. Parents could get in touch with students without calling the school. Students will be allowed to use cell phones during their one break of the day, lunch, but not during class.

“I’m hoping that students won’t use cell phones during school hours because they can use them during lunch time,” said Mitchell.
If approved, a trial period would begin after Thanksgiving break and would last until the winter break. If there are fewer disciplinary issues with cell phone than before, Mitchell will ask the school board to continue the trial for several more months.

“I would love to be able to say that students are using cell phones appropriately and ask that the policy be changed permanently,” said Mitchell.
Mitchell and Superintendent Gene Freeman presented the plan to the school board for approval at a recent meeting. They asked that the school board suspend its current policy until at least February and allow Mitchell to try out new ideas. “We want to give Ms. Mitchell flexibility to rework the policy however she sees fit,” said Freeman. He says that students need a better policy:

“Why penalize the hundreds and hundreds of good kids because we have a few rotten eggs?” The current policy will not change; at least not yet. “This policy stays the same until Ms. Mitchell comes up with a policy that works,” said Freeman.
Those present at the meeting were generally receptive of Mitchell’s plan. School Board Member Susan Doub said, “We need to totally look at a change in the policy.”

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