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Students will get an in-depth look into observational astronomy with the goal of attending before and after school star parties.  They will use our 8″ Meade LX10 EMC Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope, our 12″ Orion XX12i Intellescope Truss Dobsonian, Celestron Skyscout, Coronado Personal Solar telescope, as well as any other home telescopes and binoculars to observe a handful of objects.  Students will use Starry Night to learn about the sky, stars, galaxies, and nebulae.  They will learn how to set up and operate a telescope, learn how to navigate their way through the sky, and create simulated observations.

Astronomy Club (grades 9,10,11,12)           

Mr. David Farina (Faculty Adviser)

Mr. Lane Davis (Co-Adviser/Veteran Astronomer)

Rm: Planetarium