4th Grade

4th Grade – 2012-13 School Year

Show A Schedule

  • Lunch Recess *11:30-11:55
  • Leaving for show A- 11:55
  • Arrive at planetarium- 12:10
  • Leave planetarium- 1:00
  • Arrive at elementary- 1:15

Show B Schedule

  • Leaving for show B- 12:50
  • Arrive at planetarium- 1:05
  • Leave planetarium- 1:55
  • Arrive at elementary- 2:10

Scheduled – Grouping, Dates, Times :  Check your Assigned Dates / Times here for Correctness.

Show Availability:  The following shows will be available this year for 4th grade.

  • Show 1- Solar System Adventure– Students will take a tour through the solar system in the search for water in Oasis in Space.  After which, students will learn about the planets and their scale with a Full-dome discussion presented by Mr. Farina.

           Pre-show Lesson:                   Solar System KWL

           Show Notes/PowerPoint:      Solar System Adventure Notes

           Post-show Lesson:                  Solar System Facts Flash cards

  • Show 2 –Moon Phases Unveiled- The phases of the moon are often a mis-understood concept by many students and is used as an example in the PDE Standards very often as a way to teach a specific science concept.  Throughout time humans have looked to the moon as a wondrous and important object in the sky.  In Moon Phases Unveiled students will relate their real-world experience (conducting observations of moon phase over the days before or after the show) to their planetarium experience.  Students will make predictions and observations of phases of the moon through a full-dome discussion presented by Mr, Farina.

Pre-show Lesson:            Coming Soon!
Show Notes/PowerPoint:            Coming Soon!
Post-show Lesson:            Coming Soon!

  • Show 3- Why does Earth have Seasons?- The coming of the seasons is often a mis-understood concept by many students and and is used as an example in the PDE Standards very often as a way to teach a specific science concept.  Why does Earth have Seasons? provides students with the chance to experience all four seasons in a 30 minute period, allowing them to compare the angle of the sun and length of day for each season from a perspective located on earth, a perspective from space, hovering and the Sun and Earth change their orientation and therefore allow Earth’s axis to be tilted at different angles with respect to the sun, as well as a perspective from the sun’s surface, showing how the seasons appear from the equator of the sun.  The method provides students with an unparalleled understanding of the seasons only possible with the planetarium software.

Pre-show Lesson:            Coming Soon!
Show Notes/PowerPoint:            Coming Soon!
Post-show Lesson:            Coming Soon!

Important Changes from previous years:

  1. It is a bit tight 15 minutes for each way on the bus ride.
  2. We now have 40 minutes for show 1 and 35 minutes for show 2.
  3. Scheduling will be done through your building Principals to whom I will be providing a range of dates to throughout the year (same as last year).
  4. In the past we had a full hour, and we now have only 35-40 minutes.  Please factor this into your preparation for the show.  If students are not prepared for the show in advanced (expectations of behavior, a pencil, copies provided before show) we will have difficulty completing the lesson.
  5. It is essential to do the pre-show and post-show lessons I provide, as the content will not be covered as extensively as it was in the past.