Astronomy: The Sky and The Stars

Looking for a Semester Elective?  Try out one of Manheim Townships Astronomy Classes!
Looking for a Semester Elective? Try out one of Manheim Township’s Astronomy Classes!

Astronomy: The Sky and the Stars

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(Grades 10/11/12) #SCI054

1/2 credit 5 periods (S)

Prerequisite: successful completion of Physical Science and Algebra 1.

This one-semester elective takes students on a journey of exploration to understand the sky and the stars with the use of the Manheim Township Planetarium. Students will have hands-on experience using the computer program Starry Night, a desktop version of planetarium software, to explore such topics as the sky and its cycles, telescopes, the life and death of stars, neutron stars, and black holes. Beginning in 2011-12 this course MAY be offered every other year. Students wishing to take the course should choose the course in 2011-12.

Astronomy: The Sky and the Stars

Exploring the Sky

Unit 1:

Ch. 1 What are we?  How do we know?

Ch. 2 The Sky

Ch. 3 Cycles of the Moon

Unit 2:

Ch. 4 The Origin of Modern Astronomy

Ch. 5 Gravity

The Stars

Unit 3:

Ch. 6 Light and Telescopes (from Part 1)

Ch. 7 Atoms and Starlight

Unit 4:

Ch. 8 The Sun

Ch. 9 The Family of Stars

Unit 5:

Ch. 10 The interstellar Medium

Ch. 11 Formation of Stars

Unit 6:

Ch. 12 Stellar Evolution

Ch. 13 The Death of Stars

Unit 7: (on Final)

Ch. 14 Neutron Stars and Black Holes