Astronomy: The Solar System and The Universe

Looking for a Semester Elective?  Try out one of Manheim Townships Astronomy Classes!
Looking for a Semester Elective? Try out one of Manheim Township’s Astronomy Classes!

Astronomy: The Solar System and the Universe

(Grades 10/11/12) #SCI055

1/2 credit 5 periods (S)

Prerequisite: successful completion of Physical Science and Algebra 1.

This one-semester elective takes students on a journey of exploration to understand our solar system, our Milky

Way Galaxy, and the Universe with the use of the Manheim Township Planetarium. Students will have hands-on experience using the computer program Starry Night, a desktop version of planetarium software, to explore such topics as life on other worlds, airless worlds, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto (the “dwarf planet”), Super-massive Black Holes, and the Big Bang. Beginning in 2011-12 or 2012-13 this course MAY be offered every other year. Students wishing to take the course should choose the course in 2011-12.

Astronomy: The Solar System and The Universe

The Solar System

Unit 1:

Ch. 19 The Origin of the Solar System

Ch. 20 Earth: The Standard of Comparative Planetology

Unit 2:

Ch. 21 The Moon and Mercury: Comparing Airless Worlds

Ch. 22 Comparative Planetology of Venus and Mars

Unit 3:

Ch. 23 Comparative Planetology of Jupiter and Saturn

Ch. 24 Uranus, Neptune, and the Dwarf Planets

Ch. 25 Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets

The Universe

Unit 4:

Ch. 15 The Milky Way Galaxy

Unit 5:

Ch. 16 Galaxies

Ch. 17 Galaxies with Active Nuclei

Unit 6:

Ch. 18 Cosmology in the 21st Century

Unit 7: (given time in the schedule)

Ch. 26 Life on Other Worlds