Posted by Tom Saurer at September 1, 2013

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Welcome to Mr. Saurer’s Parent Information Blog!

Here you will find important information about your child’s teachers, curriculum, and updated events/newsletters to keep you informed throughout the school year.

Be sure to bookmark this site to check on updates and infomation about what’s going on with your child during his/her first year at Landis Run Intermediate School.

Posted by Tom Saurer at September 1, 2013

Category: First Day of School

Please do your best to get the following items before the first day of school:
❏    A 2” or 3” three-ring binder (preferably D-Ring)
❏    6 Subject dividers for use in binder
❏    6 Pocket folders without prongs
❏    A pencil pouch with holes to keep in your binder, or one built into the binder
❏    #2 pencils, erasers, and pens (in your pencil pouch – extras in bag stored in locker)
❏    A pack of sharpened colored pencils (the simple 8- or 12-pack, it should fit in your pencil pouch)
❏    A highlighter (in your pencil pouch – extras in bag stored in locker)
❏    4 dry erase markers – darker colors work best (black, blue, green, purple)
❏    A student pair of scissors (in your pencil pouch)
❏    1-2 glue sticks (in your pencil pouch – extras in bag stored in locker)
❏    2 packages of lined paper with holes (loose-leaf paper – wide ruled is best)
❏    2 composition books or notebooks
❏    An inexpensive set of headphones that you can leave in school (check the dollar store)
❏    Two book covers for your Language Arts and Math textbooks (see below)
❏    A Scientific Calculator – not required, but helpful (we use Texas Instruments (TI-15)
❏    A Flash Drive for the computer – not required, but it may be helpful for technology projects
❏   Lanyard to hold library/student ID card – not required, but helpful

On the first day of class, I would like you to bring your binder divided into five clearly labeled sections – LA/Spelling, Math, Health/Science, Social Studies, and Parents.  The parent section is for notes or letters that need to be sent home or brought to school.  Please have the sections labeled prior to the first day of school.  I will provide an assignment book for each of you.  This way everything will be organized in one notebook that is easy to read either by you or your parents.

You will quickly learn that I put a large focus on organizational skills, so any unnecessary items may be left at home.  Hard-covered textbooks will need to be covered by you at home.  We will have two hard-covered textbooks.  If you want to get your book covers in advance, then please do so.  Book Socks work perfectly – the larger ones.  It would help if they were different designs.

Posted by Tom Saurer at September 1, 2013

Category: Communication

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you email me at so I can add you to my address book.  Email is my quickest form of communication.

Please put your child’s first and last name on the subject line so I know you’re not spam, and simply introduce yourself in your email, “Hi, I’m John Smith, Jane Smith’s father.”

Feel free to add me to your address book and contact me with questions or concerns throughout the school year.  Also, please make sure I’m not on your spam list.

Thank you for your cooperation with this request.

Posted by Tom Saurer at September 1, 2013

Category: Online Resources

Click the underlined word(s) to be taken directly to the website.  Please note that not all websites may be used this year.  If you notice a link is not working properly, then please email me at – thank you!

✫    Moodle (Course Links – Various Subject Areas)

✫    Think Central (Reading Program)

✫    Spelling City (Spelling Program)

✫    Macmillan McGraw-Hill (Math Program)

✫    First In Math (Math Practice – facts and skills)

✫    Study Island (Math/Reading/Writing PSSA Practice)

✫    WordPress Blog (Link to Saurer Power Reading Letter Blog)

✫    My Big Campus (Kid friendly version of Facebook, but contained within school parameters)

✫    Scholastic Book Orders – Need an account? (If asked, use activation Code:  DWKTF)

✫    Scholastic Book Orders – Already have an account? (If asked, use activation Code:  DWKTF)

✫    Scholastic Book Orders – How does it work online? (If asked, use activation Code:  DWKTF)  Scroll to the bottom of the page for more information if needed.

✫    Scholastic Video (A short video from Scholastic to show the importance of books and reading)

✫    Parent Survey (Short survey providing me with information about communication, technology, and field trip interest)

✫    Technology Night Survey (Short survey to help me schedule two nights to teach parents online tools and resources)

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Category: Teamwork

I dreamed that I stood in a studio
and watched two sculptors there.
They clay they used was a young child’s
mind and they fashioned it with care.
One was a teacher:  the tools he used
were books and music and art;
One a parent with a guiding hand,
and gentle, loving heart.
Day after day the teacher toiled,
with touch that was deft and sure.
While the parent labored by his side and
polished and smoothed it o’er.
And when at last their task was done,
they were proud of what they wrought.
For the things they molded into the
child could neither be sold nor bought.
And each agreed he would have failed
if he had worked alone.
For behind the parent stood the school,
and behind the teacher – the home.

Author Unknown
From NY Parent-Teacher
courtesy of North PTSA