Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay the MTSD Activity Fee to be a part of this club?

NOPE! Because we are no longer aligned under our high school, you do not need to pay the district mandated activity fee.


Can I be part of Ski Club even if I snowboard?

OF COURSE! Even though skiers might have a hard time understanding how you can balance on only one ski, you are more than welcome to be part of the ski-club if you snowboard.  We usually have one or two advisors on snowboard as well.


Do I have to be an experienced skier or snowboarder?

NOPE! We welcome skiers and boarders who are new, experienced, and everyone in between. We do offer lessons for purchase that are run by ski instructors at the resorts where we ski. We also encourage all students to wear a helmet when on the slopes.