Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I store my skis and snowboard during the school day?

In the High School— You can bring all of your ski gear to a storage closet that is located behind the concession stand at Convo Hall.  (From the cafeteria, go up the ramps and the closet will be on the right-hand side before you get to the office.)  Look for one of the ski advisors in the morning to drop off your gear between 7:00-7:25am. The closet will remain locked during the school day, and the same advisor will unlock the storage closet at 2:35pm for you to pick up your gear. If you arrive late to school, a custodian may be able to help you by unlocking the storage closet.  Alternatively, you can bring your gear to one of the advisor’s classrooms (005, 017, 029, 231, or the art room).


Where do I catch the bus for the High School trips?

There will be two charter buses that will park at the arena entrance to the school. Look for those, and board one of the buses.  The advisors will call roll on the bus to take attendance. Please ride the same bus back to school in the evening.


What time will buses arrive back to the high school at the end of the night?

Typically, the buses arrive back to the high school around 11:30-11:45pm.  When there is about 20 minutes left in the bus ride, we tell students to text or call their ride to give them a heads up.  We appreciate your promptness when picking up your child!


There is inclement weather– will the trips be rescheduled? If so, how will I know?

We consider the weather and conditions for each trip in advance of the trip. We typically do not cancel for weather unless the mountain resort, bus company, or school district advises us to do so due to safety concerns.  If we do make any changes to the schedule, we will send out a text blast and post these changes to the website. If possible, we will also send an email notification, and place an announcement to be read over the loudspeaker by the school office. We try to give as much notice as possible.


Do I have to pay the MTSD Activity Fee to be a part of this club?

NOPE! Because we are no longer aligned under our high school, you do not need to pay the district mandated activity fee.


Can I be part of Ski Club even if I snowboard?

OF COURSE! Even though skiers might have a hard time understanding how you can balance on only one ski, you are more than welcome to be part of the ski-club if you snowboard.  We usually have one or two advisors on snowboard as well.


Do I have to be an experienced skier or snowboarder?

NOPE! We welcome skiers and boarders who are new, experienced, and everyone in between. We do offer lessons for purchase that are run by ski instructors at the resorts where we ski. We also encourage all students to wear a helmet when on the slopes.