High School Advisors

High School Advisors


Mr. Anton Oberg is an Head Advisor of the Ski Club, and he teaches 9th grade Science as well as Physics at Manheim Township High School.  He grew up in Sweden, but now lives in Lancaster with his wife and daughters.  Outdoor activities have always interested him, but especially when they involve lots and lots of snow.

Mr. Anton Oberg - Advisor
Mr. Anton Oberg – Head Advisor



Mr. Dave Bear is an Assistant Advisor of the Ski Club.  He is a member of the H.S. Art Department and teaches all the 3-D art courses.  Dave enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife, Andrea, and their three children.

Mr. Dave Bear - Assistant Advisor
Mr. Dave Bear – Assistant Advisor


Mrs. Nicole Eshelman is an assistant advisor for Ski Club and is a Social Studies teacher at Manheim Township High School.  She also works in the Education Department at National Geographic. When she’s not teaching, you can find her outdoors hiking, skiing, biking, and traveling with her husband. She can’t wait to teach her little boy how to ski!

Mrs. Nicole Eshelman - Assistant Advisor
Mrs. Nicole Eshelman – Assistant Advisor


Mr. Mike Maurer is a mathematics teacher at Manheim Township High School.  He enjoys skiing along with weight lifting, playing the trumpet, and is the father of three beautiful girls.  He hopes that you can join us for some trips.  See you on the slopes!

Mr. Mike Maurer - Chaperone
Mr. Mike Maurer – Assistant Advisor


Mr. Kurt Enck is a former Marine. He currently teaches Civics, Economics, and World History at the High School. He is also co-adviser of the Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Club. From the confines of his interior, windowless room, Mr. Enck dreams of getting out of doors. In addition to skiing, he enjoys spending time with his sons, fishing, kayaking, biking and hiking.

Winter Image

Mr. Kurt Enck – Chaperone


Mr. Anthony Rineer is a chaperone for the Ski Club. He is a biology and life science teacher. He is a long time fan of snowboarding and is always looking forward to some snow! He also enjoys hunting, fishing and camping.

Ski club pic

Mr. Anthony Rineer- Chaperone


Mrs. Laura Maurer is the wife of Advisor Mike Maurer, and a chaperone for Ski Club. She is a registered nurse and works in the NICU at the Women’s and Babies Hospital in Lancaster.  She is designated as the ski club’s nurse and makes sure that the medication is safely administered and recorded throughout the trip.  Besides skiing,  she enjoys putting together scrapbooks of our ski trips.

Mrs. Laura Maurer - Chaperone
Mrs. Laura Maurer – Chaperone


Mr. Sam Eshelman is the husband of Advisor Nicole Eshelman, father of a little boy born in December 2013, and is a chaperone for MT Ski Club.  He works as a government contractor at Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland and served in the United States Marine Corps. He enjoys hiking, camping, hunting, and SKIING!

Chaperone Sam Eshelman
Mr. Sam Eshelman- Chaperone