2016-2017 School Year

May/June 2017: End of Year Reflections

The 2016-2017 school year has come to a close. Reflection on this exciting year shows many notable student accomplishments within our classrooms, performing arts, athletic arenas, and community work programs. We celebrate our students’ growth and achievements.

Viewing a sea of dark blue graduation hats, with many smiling faces, is inspirational to anyone participating in one of the most monumental moments of a child’s life.  Their visible eagerness to be graduates represents the grand finale of a long educational journey – a journey that made them more well rounded, resilient, and ready to enter the next phase of their life.

Watching those graduates cross the stage to accept their diplomas prompted me to think about the learning opportunities we offer students at Manheim Township School District. What does it take to effectively prepare them for college, career, and life? How are we equipping them with the necessary 21st century skills to be successful in a connected, rapidly changing world? This planning begins at an early age through providing opportunities for students to collaborate, think creatively and critically, and communicate with one another. Our incoming kindergarten students – the Class of 2030, will need to be prepared for a world that doesn’t yet exist.  The jobs we know today will be different and/or nonexistent 20 years from now.

We must provide our students with skills to learn, work and live in an ever changing world. Students need opportunities to find their passion – to try new things and develop their interests. Such opportunities make well rounded children and adolescents. And they need experiences that teach how to effectively handle change. Their life journey – their educational journey – is full of ups and downs. They have daily bumps in the road – academic highs and lows, and relationship highs and lows. But if students are taught to follow their dreams, and cultivate their passions, we will undoubtedly contribute to their educational preparation for an exciting, unknown world.

We are proud that our school district collectively values the whole child, building skills and knowledge that contribute to the development of emotionally and physically healthy, motivated, and well-educated students. The many hours spent in community service projects and school-based activities focused on creating positive student relationships, accomplishments within our performing/fine arts and the athletic programs, and national and statewide academic achievements offer testament to the district’s focus on the whole child. We care about all of our students and strive to make school a great place to be every day.

The 2016-2017 has been a wonderful school year. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year as Superintendent of the district. The dedication of our staff, students, and families to the continued growth of a strong school district is paramount to our success. Our community embraces the district and offers support in so many ways. Thank you to our staff, students, families, and community members for your ongoing commitment.

We are proud of our Blue Streaks!