2017-2018 School Year

June 2018

Making Today Count: Reflections of 2017-18

While watching our students crossing the stage for their diplomas during the graduation ceremony on Wednesday, June 6, my heart was filled with feelings of both excitement and anticipation. I sensed the eagerness of the students for their movement into this next phase of their life. What a wonderful time for each of our 448 graduates – their future is filled with many unknowns … and possibilities.

MTHS 2018 graduates spend time together before the ceremony.

The worthy achievement of the long-awaited (and well-earned) diploma holds great value. During my graduation speech that evening, I had shared a profound statement offered by Nelson Mandela, political leader and former President of South Africa: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Education is crucial to creating a sustainable planet, reducing poverty, eliminating gender inequality, and promoting peace both within our communities and in the world. The achievement of a high school diploma is the result of a significant amount of academic work over the past 12+ years. Students were reminded that education, combined with their voice and actions, are powerful tools to bringing change – to making a difference in the local community and in the world.

And the dedication of our teachers in meeting the individual needs of our students, K-12, helping them master the established grade level/course content each school year, is commendable. Parents and community members repeatedly share with me their pleasure with the teachers at Manheim Township, acknowledging the impact they have had on their student’s learning, and life. Students have also shared similar appreciative statements with me.  As noted by a significant amount of research, the role of a teacher is the most influential variable in students’ academic performance.

Opening Kick-Off for Comprehensive Planning
Our teachers and other district staff have also contributed greatly to our achievement of the district goals this past school year:

  • Comprehensive Plan development
  • Mobile Learning Initiative (1:1)
  • STEAM Labs
  • Year 1 of our K-6 Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) planning
  • Communication Plan
  • Cyber Seniors program
  • Community partnerships
  • Several other key projects!

Cyber Seniors Program

The following district staff members were honored publicly by their school and/or department colleagues this year during monthly School Board Work Sessions:

  • September: Wendy Pfautz, MT High School Classroom Assistant
  • October: David Cooper, MT Middle School Teacher
  • November: Josh Stehman, Brecht Elementary School Teacher
  • December: Lonna Hoffman, Schaeffer Elementary School Library Assistant
  • February: Heidi Marshall, Landis Run Intermediate School Teacher
  • March: Natalie Mundorf, Bucher Elementary School Teacher
  • April: Nicole Wingert, Reidenbaugh Elementary School Teacher
    Patricia Roscoe, Nitrauer Elementary School Classroom Assistant
  • May: Taylor Good, Neff Elementary School Teacher
  • June: Jason Hoffman, Curriculum and Instruction Supervisor

In many ways these staff members have contributed to the betterment of our school district, and were “Champions for our Children”!

May you enjoy the peace and relaxation of the summer months.