2019-2020 School Year

Making Today Count: Facilitating a Mid-Point Review of Progress

A visual showing our Comprehensive Plan goals which are posted on the Comprehensive Plan webpage on the district website. A picture of Marcie Brody, Manheim Township Communication Specialist, interviewing Superintendent Dr. Robin Felty for the district’s first podcast, “State of the District 2020”.

Just as our secondary level students are finishing their mid-term or general course exams, and our intermediate and elementary students are completing their common assessments, we are conducting a mid-point review of the progress made toward achieving our three-year district Comprehensive (Strategic) Plan. Mid-point reviews of curriculum content operate as important markers of achievement, offering evidence of growth and/or mastery of the learned content and skills. For our Comprehensive Plan, the mid-point review provides a marker of achievement relative to our progress or achievement of the established goals and objectives. As we formally review our accomplishments at the mid-point of the Comprehensive Plan, which covers the three school years 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021, we are pleased with our progress. Even further, reflection of our work thus far this school year (2019-2020) shows strong progress toward achievement of the overall goals established by the district-wide committee.

As a way to share our achievements toward these goals, and provide an update on the state of the district for this school year, we have hosted a podcast interview where information is shared about specific initiatives and projects within our district. In an effort to keep our staff, families, and larger community updated on our progress as a district, the State of the District 2020 podcast offers a 14-minute interview that covers our progress in the following areas:

·      increasing student enrollment,
·      district’s growing diversity,
·      middle school construction project,
·      Whole Child approach to education,
·      social-emotional wellbeing of students,
·      early literacy, and,
·      district Equity Leadership Team.

The use of a podcast to provide information to our community is a new communication tool for the district. We hope that our internal and external stakeholders find the information within the podcast to be both informative and helpful. We strive to be open and communicative about the progress made toward the achievement of our goals, and to celebrate with our community the accomplishments made thus far. The success we are experiencing at this mid-point of the Comprehensive Plan can be attributed to the dedicated and unfaltering work of our district faculty and staff, as well as the support received from students, families, and community partnerships.

Our State of the District 2020 podcast can be found here.

Maintaining a strong communication system is important to our district. We continue to focus on the goals of our district Communication Plan which are posted on the district website: Manheim Township School District Communication Plan. The Communication Plan holds goals to achieve the following:

·      Provide a communications program that directly helps the district achieve its strategic goals,
·      Foster strong relationships with district stakeholders,
·      Provide a focus and direction for messages/methods in support of the district’s goals, and,
·      Enable the district to present itself accurately to audiences.

Communication about our district in general is important to our existing community as well as incoming residents and community members. Social media (Facebook and Twitter) and our website are essential tools for sharing information with our community. New residents of Manheim Township often share that they spent much time researching locations and school districts in which to build or buy a new home, and used our website or social media as a source of information. Most recently, a family shared with me that their decision to move to Manheim Township School District was predicated on information obtained from our website, as well as the student achievement data gathered from Future Ready PA Index (our accountability system established by the PA Department of Education). We strive to keep our staff, families, and the community apprised of important information about Manheim Township’s activities, current organizational status, growth toward goal achievement, and issues affecting the district.

Employees of the Month for December and January

Our employee recognition for December and January goes to two staff members – Cindy Berlot and Sara Eddy.

Schaeffer Elementary Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards is with December EOM Cindy Berlot
Schaeffer Elementary Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards is with December EOM Cindy Berlot

Cindy is a building aide at Schaeffer Elementary.  Her colleagues have provided the following accolades in recognition of her character and performance:
“Cindy goes above and beyond to identify where help is needed.  She has encouraged others to
remain positive and to be an engaged member of the team.  She believes in helping
wherever help is needed regardless of whether or not it is the part of the usual routine. 
Cindy is flexible, willing to complete any task asked of her, and takes a leadership role within this position. 
As student’s needs change, Cindy has been willing to alter her working hours [to accommodate the needs].  She maintains a positive attitude and genuinely expresses a joy for helping the students.  She has a strong work ethic.” 



From left to right, LRIS Assistant Principal, Mr. Dana Schrodel, Assistant Principal Dr. Erin Birk, January EOM Sara Eddy, and Principal Mr. Will Gillis.

Sara Eddy is a 6th grade teacher at Landis Run Intermediate School.  She was nominated by her colleagues for “quickly acclimating herself to Landis Run. In just her second year with us, she has taken a leading role in several different areas, including but not limited to, the F.O.R. Club and Rachael’s Closet, while also being a strong team player offering a great deal of assistance to the numerous substitutes on our team.”  Her colleagues shared that “Sara goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all students; she consistently shares ideas for Morning Meetings and does an impressive job leading our F.O.R. Club.  Sara has stood before our student body multiple times to encourage kindness and helping others. With a staff member out on her team for several months, Sara took on a leadership role by serving as a contact person and stepped in to help out wherever she could.”