Making Today Count: Fostering Kindness through Student Leadership at Landis Run & the Middle School

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Student leaders making a difference at Landis Run Intermediate School. Student-created messages to promote positive school climate at Landis Run Intermediate School.


I recently had the opportunity to participate in a presentation by Mr. Will Gillis, Principal at Landis Run Intermediate School, as he was sharing meaningful information about the opportunities for students to develop leadership skills within the building. Specifically, Mr. Gillis was talking about the various activities in place for 5th and 6th grade students to become leaders – activities that empower students to create a positive school environment that is less susceptible to bullying, and engage in simple acts of kindness regularly and intentionally. With the support of a community organization, the Landis Run Intermediate School expanded their after-school student leadership program this year to continue specific student-organized and facilitated activities for bringing the school together and eliminating bullying. The student leaders met after school to plan activities that promote a positive school culture, including events where staff members and students are recognized, and student-created banners and signs with positive messages are posted throughout the school – “Smile and Be Kind,” “Be Cool, Not Cruel,” and “We’re Here to Help.” The Leading Hands student leaders made several “Buddy Benches” and placed them throughout the school.

Our Middle School has a student group called the Sunshine Club. They work together to spread kind messages throughout the school, hanging uplifting posters and signs in the hallways. They recently created bracelets with positive messages for others, and developed banners and signs that reinforce the importance of resiliency.


Students working together to make special signage throughout the Middle School.


Middle School students signed the banner accepting the mission of Rachel’s Challenge.

In past blogs I have shared various ways in which our district students demonstrate acts of kindness, such as participation in Kindness Clubs, the “Kindness Rocks” Project, the “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” Project, and many different school and community service projects.  One of our larger district initiatives this school year is to promote Rachel’s Challenge projects within both Landis Run Intermediate School and the Middle School. The Rachel’s Challenge program was brought to our district last year through the support and assistance of the Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 (IU13).  Various members of our Leadership Team attended a Rachel’s Challenge program at the IU13, and heard a presentation by Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Joy Scott who died at age 17 as the first victim of the April 20, 1999 shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado. His powerful message focused on the need to start a “chain reaction of kindness and compassion,” which aligns with a message found in Rachel’s journal after her death:

I have this theory that if one person can go out of their way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same … People will never know how far a little kindness can go.”

Darrell Scott developed the Rachel’s Challenge program for schools with the mission to “make schools safer, more connected places where bullying and violence are replaced with kindness and respect, and where learning and teaching are awakened to their fullest.” His message during the IU13 presentation resonated with all of us, and we decided to bring Rachel’s Challenge program to Manheim Township School District as a means to encourage and teach kindness, compassion, and empathy among the student body. We believe that these character traits can be modeled and taught to students via the classroom, extracurricular activities, and in the larger community. Promoting and recognizing these important qualities occurs through monthly and/or quarterly Student Recognition Breakfasts at the Middle School and High School.

School signage at the Middle School promoting Rachel’s Challenge and speaking with kindness. Lots of applause for our students during the February Middle School Student Recognition Breakfast.

Rachel’s Challenge also teaches students to recognize that words have the power to hurt and the power to heal.  Each person must choose how we use that power for the positive. Our Middle School Principal, Mrs. Christine Resh, has shared that this year our middle school has expanded the Friends of Rachel (FOR) Club which empowers students to create and foster a school culture marked by kindness and compassion. The FOR Club has been busy spreading kindness throughout the school by hanging signs that spread positive messages about social and emotional learning and the importance of relationships.  They are creating banners to thank students and staff for what they do every day to encourage each other and make the community a better place for everyone.

The staff and students at Landis Run and the Middle School have also opened “Rachel’s Closets” – a special room filled with clothing, personal care items, toiletries, and food for our students and families in need. We are so happy to have our families and the community continue to donate items for the Rachel’s Closets. Our data shows that between 35-40 visits have been made to the Landis Run Rachel’s Closet, and the same number of visits have occurred so far at the Middle School Rachel’s Closet.  The Rachel’s Closets are making a difference in our community.  Students and staff are keeping the closets stocked and organized for these important visits.

Rachel’s Closet at Landis Run Intermediate School. Rachel’s Closet at the Middle School.


Students organizing clothing within the Middle School Rachel’s Closet.

Both schools have “High Five Zones” and student videos or music highlighting Rachel’s Challenge (in process). At Landis Run Intermediate, students have organized a “winter gloves and hats” drive and a Thanksgiving drive for families in need. They are also making chain link slips for acts of kindness identified throughout the school (to start a “chain reaction of kindness and compassion”).

The Rachel’s Challenge program is providing our district with a sustainable, research-based, framework for building positive climate and culture in our schools.  They help make safer, more connected schools through intentional meaningful connections between student-to-student and student-to-teacher/staff relationships.

Employee of the Month

Our employee recognition for February goes to Kylie Chew, music teacher at Brecht and Schaeffer Elementary Schools.  Kylie’s colleagues nominated her by submitting this special message:

“The students at Brecht Elementary are incredibly enthusiastic about music class and their teacher Mrs. Kylie Chew. Kylie makes music class fun and exciting for kids. She has her finger on the pulse of what is interesting and popular.  Even though she teaches all the students at Brecht (and all the students at Schaeffer), Kylie makes an effort to get to know her students so that she can connect with them outside of music class. Furthermore, Kylie is full of positive energy and enthusiasm throughout the day.  She consistently has something fun and exciting planned for music class that keeps students engaged and looking forward to the next time they will be in her room. Teachers can feel Kylie’s excitement for teaching and learning rubbing off on their shared students when they pick them up from music class. Her passion is infectious and can even lift up a fellow teacher or administrator. Gracious with her personal time, Kylie also leads a choir of 4th grade students one morning per week in each of her buildings. Choir gives our students a chance to spend time on something they love outside the school day. She truly embraces the commitment to doing whatever it takes for our students. As a colleague, Kylie is often the first to offer to fill in for staff when needed and can also be found helping with PTO meetings and events and assemblies to enrich our school climate. Another colleague said that when she walks past Kylie’s classroom she sees and hears joy — joy from both the students and from Kylie. It is evident that Kylie loves the art of teaching, music, and her students. Kylie goes above and beyond for Manheim Township School District. We are lucky to have her on our team!”

Brecht Elementary teacher, Kylie Chew, was named the February Employee of the Month. Kylie was recognized at the February School Board meeting by Brecht Principal, Ms. Nicole Reinking. Kylie is also the music teacher at Schaeffer Elementary School.

Making Today Count: Facilitating a Mid-Point Review of Progress

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A visual showing our Comprehensive Plan goals which are posted on the Comprehensive Plan webpage on the district website. A picture of Marcie Brody, Manheim Township Communication Specialist, interviewing Superintendent Dr. Robin Felty for the district’s first podcast, “State of the District 2020”.

Just as our secondary level students are finishing their mid-term or general course exams, and our intermediate and elementary students are completing their common assessments, we are conducting a mid-point review of the progress made toward achieving our three-year district Comprehensive (Strategic) Plan. Mid-point reviews of curriculum content operate as important markers of achievement, offering evidence of growth and/or mastery of the learned content and skills. For our Comprehensive Plan, the mid-point review provides a marker of achievement relative to our progress or achievement of the established goals and objectives. As we formally review our accomplishments at the mid-point of the Comprehensive Plan, which covers the three school years 2018-2019, 2019-2020, and 2020-2021, we are pleased with our progress. Even further, reflection of our work thus far this school year (2019-2020) shows strong progress toward achievement of the overall goals established by the district-wide committee.

As a way to share our achievements toward these goals, and provide an update on the state of the district for this school year, we have hosted a podcast interview where information is shared about specific initiatives and projects within our district. In an effort to keep our staff, families, and larger community updated on our progress as a district, the State of the District 2020 podcast offers a 14-minute interview that covers our progress in the following areas:

·      increasing student enrollment,
·      district’s growing diversity,
·      middle school construction project,
·      Whole Child approach to education,
·      social-emotional wellbeing of students,
·      early literacy, and,
·      district Equity Leadership Team.

The use of a podcast to provide information to our community is a new communication tool for the district. We hope that our internal and external stakeholders find the information within the podcast to be both informative and helpful. We strive to be open and communicative about the progress made toward the achievement of our goals, and to celebrate with our community the accomplishments made thus far. The success we are experiencing at this mid-point of the Comprehensive Plan can be attributed to the dedicated and unfaltering work of our district faculty and staff, as well as the support received from students, families, and community partnerships.

Our State of the District 2020 podcast can be found here.

Maintaining a strong communication system is important to our district. We continue to focus on the goals of our district Communication Plan which are posted on the district website: Manheim Township School District Communication Plan. The Communication Plan holds goals to achieve the following:

·      Provide a communications program that directly helps the district achieve its strategic goals,
·      Foster strong relationships with district stakeholders,
·      Provide a focus and direction for messages/methods in support of the district’s goals, and,
·      Enable the district to present itself accurately to audiences.

Communication about our district in general is important to our existing community as well as incoming residents and community members. Social media (Facebook and Twitter) and our website are essential tools for sharing information with our community. New residents of Manheim Township often share that they spent much time researching locations and school districts in which to build or buy a new home, and used our website or social media as a source of information. Most recently, a family shared with me that their decision to move to Manheim Township School District was predicated on information obtained from our website, as well as the student achievement data gathered from Future Ready PA Index (our accountability system established by the PA Department of Education). We strive to keep our staff, families, and the community apprised of important information about Manheim Township’s activities, current organizational status, growth toward goal achievement, and issues affecting the district.

Employees of the Month for December and January

Our employee recognition for December and January goes to two staff members – Cindy Berlot and Sara Eddy.

Schaeffer Elementary Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards is with December EOM Cindy Berlot
Schaeffer Elementary Principal, Mrs. Elizabeth Edwards is with December EOM Cindy Berlot

Cindy is a building aide at Schaeffer Elementary.  Her colleagues have provided the following accolades in recognition of her character and performance:
“Cindy goes above and beyond to identify where help is needed.  She has encouraged others to
remain positive and to be an engaged member of the team.  She believes in helping
wherever help is needed regardless of whether or not it is the part of the usual routine. 
Cindy is flexible, willing to complete any task asked of her, and takes a leadership role within this position. 
As student’s needs change, Cindy has been willing to alter her working hours [to accommodate the needs].  She maintains a positive attitude and genuinely expresses a joy for helping the students.  She has a strong work ethic.” 



From left to right, LRIS Assistant Principal, Mr. Dana Schrodel, Assistant Principal Dr. Erin Birk, January EOM Sara Eddy, and Principal Mr. Will Gillis.

Sara Eddy is a 6th grade teacher at Landis Run Intermediate School.  She was nominated by her colleagues for “quickly acclimating herself to Landis Run. In just her second year with us, she has taken a leading role in several different areas, including but not limited to, the F.O.R. Club and Rachael’s Closet, while also being a strong team player offering a great deal of assistance to the numerous substitutes on our team.”  Her colleagues shared that “Sara goes above and beyond to meet the needs of all students; she consistently shares ideas for Morning Meetings and does an impressive job leading our F.O.R. Club.  Sara has stood before our student body multiple times to encourage kindness and helping others. With a staff member out on her team for several months, Sara took on a leadership role by serving as a contact person and stepped in to help out wherever she could.”

Making Today Count: Effective Transitions for Students that Promote Positive Social-Emotional Health

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photo of high school students participating in a Link Crew activity
High school students engaged in a Link Crew activity.

WEB in action at the middle school!

As we are in the midst of the second marking period of the school year, and preparing for parent-teacher conferences, I am continually amazed at how fast time goes. This reflection also leads me to review the evidence of success related to our transition activities that were designed and implemented to help students effectively transition during the key time periods of their educational career. Our focus for this school year was on the transition for students entering the middle school and the high school. Much time and energy were spent by staff and administrators in developing these important transition plans. These plans continue to be a work-in-progress, recognizing that transitions are a part of life, and a very important factor in the academic success students experience during the middle and high school years.

During our large-scale planning for the current Comprehensive Plan, our district staff, parents, and community members identified the need to focus on these key time periods, noting the significance of an effective transition on academic achievement , physical development, and social and emotional well-being. Thus, much time was spent in the development of structured transition activities for this school year. The activities for the targeted two levels included the following:

Transition Planning for Incoming 7th graders
Incoming 7th graders participated in Where Everybody Belongs (WEB) team-building and orientation activities. WEB is a structured middle school orientation and transition program that welcomes incoming students and makes them feel comfortable throughout their first year in the building. It holds the philosophy that “students can help students succeed” using a leadership development framework that trains 8th grade students to be mentors and leaders. These 8th grade student leaders assist the new students in a variety of ways throughout the school year, including the teaching of four academic lessons to their assigned 7th grade student groups. These 8th grade student leaders also lead a faculty exercise at an after-school middle school staff meeting, and model positive, growth mindset behaviors at WEB social activities. The WEB program activities are ongoing from August through June. Middle school teachers Renee Engle and Alyx Brehman were recently awarded funds through a Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) grant to continue expanding our WEB program. We are grateful to our Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) for financially supporting the program and its planned activities this year.

Transition Planning for Incoming 9th Graders
Our incoming 9th graders participated in Link Crew team-building activities. Link Crew is the upper-level extension of the WEB program, a high school transition, orientation, and mentoring program that welcomes new students and builds a comfort level during their first year at the high school. This high school program trains mentors from the 11th and 12th grade classes to be Link Crew leaders who facilitate various activities with the new students throughout the school year. The stronghold of the Link Crew program is its Student Leadership Program. The “Link Leaders” connect with their assigned 9th grade students throughout the school year on an individual basis. These leaders have experienced the challenges that a high school can pose to a new student, and understand the importance of relationships in building a smooth transition.

High school teachers Jennifer Deibler and Nicole Eshelman were instrumental in helping to bring Link Crew to the high school. They are both dedicated Link Crew Team Leaders, as shared by colleagues when nominating both of them for Employees of the Month in September.

In our continued effort to promote positive social-emotional health and well-being in our students, we recognize the need for them to feel safe and secure during these important transition periods. The WEB and Link Crew programs offer frameworks to make this happen. Adolescence is a critical time period in a child’s life, a time when social-emotional competence is necessary in order to experience success in school and in his/her personal and family life. Effective transitioning promotes a positive feeling of self-worth, thereby helping to create healthy peer and youth-adult relationships. It also helps to leverage the unique needs of adolescents, their internal search for identity, and their mindsets toward self and others.

The transition-related support my husband and I provide to our adolescent son involves helping him to be his own advocate. We encourage him to discuss problems and solutions with teachers on his own, but assist the process when needed. He is reminded that the school and the teachers want him to be successful; they believe in his success. We also help develop a positive attitude about school through empathizing with him about his feelings, and connecting on an emotional level. Reminders of how we felt as an adolescent – happy and secure, awkward and self-conscious – help bring a sense of normalcy to him during adolescence. The way he perceives himself directly affects how he acts and behaves.

Parenting a student in adolescence is both challenging and rewarding. Guiding them through the key transition periods with empathy, open communication, and acceptance are essential components for promoting success. Our WEB and Link Crew programs at the middle school and high school build upon those elements and teach the student leaders how to mentor and communicate with the new, incoming students in a meaningful way. Having empathy is an important factor in the process.

Employees of the Month for October and November

Our employee recognition for October and November goes to two educators – Lydia Meisel and Nicole Rieker.

Photo of Bucher Employee of the Month, Lydia Meisel.
Lydia Meisel, with Bucher Principal Dr. Andrew Martin, was the Bucher Employee of the Month for October.

Lydia Meisel was the Employee of the Month for October. She is a guidance counselor at Bucher Elementary, and was nominated by her colleagues for “constantly going above and beyond for our staff and our students!” They shared that “she is always ready to listen to staff members and create solutions for problems.” Her colleagues further noted, “Lydia always has so much on her plate, from scheduling class lessons, coordinating small group lessons, checking-in with students daily, contacting parents, and so much more… yet she will always find time to talk with you if you need her, or help teachers out in emergency situations. She is one of the hardest-working people at Bucher and definitely deserves this award!”




Nicole Rieker was named the Neff Employee of the Month for November.
Neff Elementary Principal, Ms. Travis Bash, is with Nicole Rieker who was named the Neff Employee of the Month for November.

Nicole Rieker is a 3rd grade teacher at Neff Elementary. One of Nicole’s colleagues stated, “She takes current research and blends best practices through creative and collaborative ways. She puts an emphasis on students demonstrating their thinking and responds with positive feedback. She works tirelessly to make sure her students have engaging lessons which leads them to desire to work hard for her. Nicole looks at each student’s individual needs and finds the best strategies to help them be successful. Finally, she’s a fantastic teammate.”

Making Today Count: New Beginnings

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High Students smiling on first day of school
We love to see students’ smiling faces on the first day of school!

My visit to Ms. Shannon Wright’s class at Nitrauer Elementary finds a group of happy, excited students who are enjoying a special lunch with their teacher (known as the “Lunch Bunch”)

The promise of a new school year brings fresh possibilities, renewed excitement, and the wonderful opportunity to establish new relationships with others. The 2019-2020 school year is off to a great start.

At Manheim Township, we are rolling out quite a few new learning opportunities for our students K-12 this year in our continued work to meet the goals of our district Comprehensive (Strategic) Plan.  A highlight of several of these new learning opportunities includes building the social-emotional health of our students (as part of our attention on developing the “Whole Child”), expanding our STEM/STEAM curriculum, and an expanded focus on college and career readiness. I’ll briefly summarize some of these learning opportunities in this blog, and will introduce more of our new K-12 learning opportunities in future blogs (i.e. expanded early learning programs and partnerships, new Grades 1-12 virtual learning program, NuPaths Information Technology certification program with Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Link Crew and WEB programs at the middle school and high school, organizational framework for trauma-informed care and practices, and more).

Regarding our focus on the “Whole Child” and building positive social-emotional health in our students, last year our K-4 elementary schools implemented daily Class Meetings that promote relationship building, social-emotional development, and positive learning behaviors. This year we are implementing these daily Class Meetings in grades 5 and 6 at Landis Run Intermediate School. The new schedule offers the ability for teachers to facilitate these Class Meetings, and also allows for the incorporation of two new STEM/STEAM (a.k.a. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) courses for all students in grades 5 and 6. We are grateful to our Manheim Township Educational Foundation (MTEF) for providing funding and support for these new courses. Our Educational Foundation continues to financially support our innovative programs and enrich the education our students receive.

Our middle school has a new College and Career Readiness course with a focus on career pathways, time management, organization, and goal setting for our students in grade 7.  This course actually replaces the former Study Skills course, and aligns nicely with our College and Career Readiness course implemented last year for 8th grade students.

Similarly, our high school is offering an expanded internship and apprenticeship program through a partnership with the Lancaster Chamber and Lancaster County STEM Alliance. These organizations have collaborated to develop a work-based learning network for employers and schools in Lancaster County, and through the use of the “Inspire” software program, students can access workplace internships, apprenticeships, job shadowing, and other employment opportunities. The Inspire platform allows local employers to connect with interested students and their career counselor. You can read more about this beneficial program at Inspire Platform.

It’s exciting to be able to share these introductions to our new and/or expanded student offerings. Many of our district educators and administrators have dedicated much time and energy to the creation of these learning opportunities (and ones not yet introduced). We thank them for their continued commitment to the further development of an incredible school district – one that values an intentional focus on meeting the learning needs of the Whole Child, as well as increasing the opportunities for them grow academically and socially for lifelong success.

Employees of the Month

Our employee recognition this month goes to two educators – Jennifer Deibler and Nicole Eshelman. They were co-nominated by their colleagues for “their teamwork to successfully bring Link Crew, a transition, orientation, and mentoring program, to  the high school.” Jennifer and Nicole are both teachers at the high school and Link Crew Team Leaders. For the past 5 years, Jennifer and Nicole have advised the school’s Connect Club, supporting new students and incoming 9th graders to the high school.  While the Connect Club was successful, Jennifer and Nicole were constantly looking for ways to improve our transition program. Inspired by a transfer student to Manheim Township High School, a young lady who had experienced a program called Link Crew at her former school, Jennifer and Nicole approached the administration on several occasions with the vision to bring Link Crew to the building. Their perseverance paid off and this past spring semester, Jennifer and Nicole, along with two Middle School teachers and administrators, were trained in a transition, orientation, and mentoring program through Project Boomerang. Project Boomerang’s Motto is, “you get back what you give.” Jennifer and Nicole have given their time, energy, and dedication into a new initiative, and in return, our high school now has Link Crew. Their colleagues and school administrators have shared that, “Jennifer and Nicole have been TREMENDOUS additions to our building as teachers, leaders, and student advocates; they are excellent examples of educators who demonstrate a commitment to the students of Manheim Township that goes far beyond the classroom walls and the academic day.”

Making Today Count: Planning for 2019-2020 School Year

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Our Leadership Team working together with Jordan Steffy and his team from the Atollo Program, planning for new ways to embrace the diversity within our district and further promote equity and inclusion.
Our Leadership Team working together with Jordan Steffy and his team from the Atollo Program, planning for new ways to embrace the diversity within our district and further promote equity and inclusion.

Some of our Leadership Team members engaging in community service at a local park in Manheim Township. We were excited to see of our families in the park that day!
Some of our Leadership Team members engaging in community service at a local park in Manheim Township. We were excited to see our families in the park that day!

Our summer is break is almost over, and students will soon be arriving back to school on August 26 (kindergarten on August 27).  It has been a busy three months, June through August, as we continued working steadfastly on our middle school construction project, the high school parking lots and parent pick-up/drop-off loop, and numerous other building facility-related projects. We are pleased with the construction projects at Brecht Elementary and the High School, which were focused on promoting front entrance security through safety-related structures and procedures at both locations. All nine schools at Manheim Township now have “three points of entry” in order to access the schools, thereby, further ensuring safety and security in all of our buildings.

Our Facilities/Plant Services staff worked tirelessly all summer to clean, make repairs, and prepare our schools for the upcoming year. Their job never ends, and we appreciate all that they do to make our schools and District Office a pleasant, welcoming environment for everyone who enters the buildings.

Members of our Food Services department, along with other volunteers, worked throughout the summer to provide free lunches to students who visited our “Summer Food Service Program” at Brecht Elementary, Bucher Elementary, Neff Elementary, and Schaeffer Elementary School.  We are proud to share that collectively our four schools served 8,446 free student meals this summer! Our data shows that participation in this free lunch program has grown over the four years of its implementation. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) is a federally funded program operated nationally by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and administered in Pennsylvania by the Department of Education. The meals we served were free to our students, with the funding fully provided to the district by the federal SFSP.

Our Student Enrollment Office was quite busy this summer enrolling new students to our district. As we continue to monitor the increasing enrollment in our district, we find that our student enrollment has grown by 110 students from last year at this time (when we had 5,747 students).  Our student enrollment as of this date is 5,857, with another 110 appointments currently scheduled for enrollment over the next two weeks or so. This additional growth in enrollment may decrease slightly due to any possible withdraws that are pending in the system. Our administration is continuing to plan for options long-term to address this consistent increase in student enrollment.

Some of our Leadership Team members delivering backpacks of school supplies to our families. Some of our Leadership Team members delivering backpacks of school supplies to our families.
Some of our Leadership Team members delivering backpacks of school supplies to our families.

Also, our district Leadership Team spent two full days this summer planning for the upcoming school year and developing strategies to promote success in Year 2 of the district’s Comprehensive (Strategic) Plan. Given our focus on community outreach and involvement, the Leadership Team spent time together engaged in community service projects and activities that benefit the families of Manheim Township.  Additionally, the team spent time with Jordan Steffy and his Attollo Team discussing the important topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially as it relates to addressing the needs of the “whole child.” Since MTSD proudly experiences growing diversity in its student body and the community, with students from various ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, it is working collaboratively through community partnerships to provide new and meaningful opportunities for students that embrace equity in our educational system.  Equity in education requires putting systems in place to ensure that every child has an equal chance for success. This requires an understanding of the unique challenges and barriers faced by individual students or populations of students, and providing additional supports to help them overcome barriers. We are promoting academic success in school for all students through fostering a heightened sense of belonging and school connectedness. All students need to feel connected and valued.

Our new staff to Manheim Township is eager for the school year to begin, and readily embraces our focus on the whole child and the need for a learning environment that welcomes diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are excited to welcome our new staff to the district!

Our new staff for the 2019-2020 school year.
Our new staff for the 2019-2020 school year.