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Welcome to Team Tempalski’s blog! This is a place where we can discuss stories, books, and concepts we are studying in class. While blogging, please remember that this is a site for school, not for social networking. You will be signing an Acceptable Use Policy the first week of school, and I expect you will follow those guidelines.
Blogging is about reading, thinking, and responding. The purpose of our blog is to enhance our education using technology. Please follow the blogging guidelines below:
Use only your first name. Do not use your last name, home address, or any other personal information in any of your posts.
When writing your opinion, make sure you are not going to hurt anyone’s feelings.
Never disrespect someone else in your writing (this includes people, organizations, and general ideas)
Make sure your responses are focused on the educational question, problem, or activity.
Before posting, reread your entire post. I expect you to check for spelling, grammar, and use language appropriate for school.
If you ever feel uncomfortable, please tell Mrs. Tempalski or another adult.


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“Go for the moon. If you don’t get it, you’ll still be heading for a star.”  ~Willis Reed

The beginning of a new school year is a great opportunity to set goals for ourselves.  Sometime between August 17th and September 10th tell us what your goal for fourth grade is.   Tell us what your goal is, WHY it’s important and what it will LOOK LIKE when it’s achieved.

August 29th – September 6th

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What is the title and author of a good book you read this summer?  Why did you like it? Remember to not to give away the ending!